"Get in touch with your wines!"

Customer Features

  • Classic List View
  • Wine Detail Popup
  • Region Maps
  • Wine Label View
  • Daylight Mode
  • Search by Name
  • Bar Menu
  • Customer App
  • Custom Screens
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In Restaurant Tablet App

  • Traditional wine list organization presented to customer at top level.
  • Touch wine name for detailed descriptions and images.
  • Landing page for featured wines and other items.
  • Customer can email selected wines to themselves.
  • In restaurant app stores all wine data and images for use in areas without WiFi.
  • Works on all iPad versions and Android 5.0 or later.

Ease of Use

  • Eliminates need for flashlights in low light environments.
  • Zoom Text for easier viewing.
  • Select option allow your customer or server/sommelier to select wines for discussion.
  • Wines can be sorted and filtered by name/partial name, vintage, varietal, or price, etc.

Beyond Just a Wine List

  • Label view of all wines in categories.
  • Region maps tied to wines.
  • Food items with images and descriptions.
  • Spirits and cocktails with images and descriptions.
  • Events with image and description.

Other Apps

  • Customer Wine app (Wapp) provides a link/app for use on customers' own devices at any place or time.
  • Wapp can be used by servers/staff to look up wine details or location of wines.
  • Wapp can be linked from restaurant websites or hotel websites
  • Fixed Screen App can be used to display featured items with slideshow images on restaurant monitors.
  • Custom apps and screens can be done with our wapp interface or a custom page.