"Get in touch with your wines!"


GrapePad is sold as a software service for a monthly fee with no long term commitment.

The service includes:

  • Upfront customization of look and feel and importing of wine information.
  • Our staff updating images, descriptions when wines are added or changed.
  • Server hosting and backups.
  • Software upgrades.
  • Ongoing support.
  • Training as needed.
  • Access from as many devices as desired.
  • Inventory management and customer apps.

There is a PER RESTAURANT (no limit on number of pads used) monthly fee based on the number of wine brands. This includes our staff updating images and descriptions when wines are added or changed. No need for restaurant staff to track down images and descriptions. Service is $100 month for 200 wine brands on list and $25 for each 100 beyond that. An option for restaurant updated only wines exists to reduce costs for large lists.

There is a one time set up charge of $200 plus $50 per 100 wines above 200.

The software works on restaurant owned tablet devices and WiFi system.

No long term contract required with month to month billing.
Seasonal pricing available for restaurants closed during part of year.

No need for additional equipment beyond restaurant devices and WiFi.
No pad minimum or maximum (per restaurant fee, not per device fee).

The Bar/Spirit feature is an additional $100 setup and $15 a month charge.