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When the iPad was released by Apple we partnered with a software developer to create an interactive app for our wine list. When customers sit down at III Forks they're handed an iPad that's loaded with software that allows them to peruse our list, select wines based on price point, varietals, personal taste, label or region - whatever drives their decision making process. Then they can compare those specific wines on a smaller list taken from our overall collection of 350+ wines. With a smaller list it becomes more approachable and many people become their own sommelier. They can even email particular labels to themselves so they don't have to remember what they had.

"Judging from the restaurant’s record-breaking growth over the past year and the incredible response to the new wine catalog featured on its iPad digital menus, it sounds like III Forks Jacksonville is doing great!"

This season the food and beverage department has made some exciting strides in the world of technology, not the least of which will be presenting our wine list on Ipads this year. This will allow us to present a whole new level of customer service experience in that you as members will now be able to view tasting notes from the vineyards, pictures of the bottles, food pairings, view information on upcoming special events and so much more.

"A wine list that catches up to the 21st century"

"I love it and absolutely endorse it, and so do most of my customers who have had a chance to use it," says Brian Kelley, who oversees the Houston III Forks wine program. "I begged to get one here."

"GrapePad also has a practical purpose for the restaurant because it keeps a running tally on the wine bottles as they sell. Furthermore, GrapePad tells waiters where bottles are located and thereby decreases wait time."

"She told us a little about the restaurant and handed us an iPad that contained the wine list with detailed descriptions of the full menu. I'll give them credit - this was a great idea, so often people like us don't know what to order or what will pair with our meal and this was just the ticket to help us figure out."

Austin-based Three Elements Design has launched an interactive wine list application for Apple Inc.'s iPad tablet computer.

The III Forks Jacksonville restaurant is piloting the tool dubbed GrapePad. It provides information about wine varieties, growing regions and details on each bottle and is designed to help diners pair a wine with their meals.

III Forks Jacksonville General Manager and Proprietor Curtis Osmond said the GrapePad is also helping the restaurant’s sommelier, a trained wine professional, better maintain the restaurant’s wine collection because the application automatically updates the wine list as labels sell out.

Based on the success of the GrapePad in Florida, the app could be rolled to existing and future III Forks eateries in Dallas, Austin, Boca Raton, Fla. and Palm Beach Gardens.

Review of Jacksonville III Forks in Simply St. Augustine: By the way, whether you’re a wine novice or an expert with certain regions you prefer, you’ll love III Forks’ iPad app. They’ll bring you an iPad which pairs foods with wines, describes regions, flavors {etc} for the wines in house! Ask next time you’re in!

Review of Chicago III Forks mentions GrapePad: Try “III Forks” in Lakeshore East for Chicago Restaurant Week 2012: III Forks has an elegant glass-enclosed wine room with 300-400 bottles. You can peruse the wine list on their iPad. I loved doing that!

Review of Tashan mentions GrapePad: PHILLY.COM/FOOD: "The iPad wine lists were a revelation, fun to navigate with expandable details on each wine and an impressive collection of intriguing wines to peruse..."

User comments:

Nikolia's Roof (Hilton, Atlanta) customer via Yelp:"...Their wine and spirits list is brought to you on an iPad. It's pretty fun. :)..."

III Forks (Chicago) customer via Yelp: "... like having a menu with a font that I could read without straining and the wine list came on an IPad, which is a cute touch..."

Tashan (Philidelphia) customer via Yelp: "The decor of Tashan is clean, modern, hip, and luxurious... An impressive touch: the wine lists are on ipads."

Masraff's (Houston) customer via Yelp: "I loved everything from the ipad cocktail menu to the friendly bartender to our wonderful waiter."

III Forks (Austin) customer via OpenTable: "EVERYTHING was perfect. The iPad wine list was awesome!! Good Job."

Nikolia's Roof (Hilton, Atlanta customer via Tripadvisor: " The wine list is very fancy, they have it on an iPad. "